Pinellas Suncoast Fire & Rescue District

Proudly Serving Our Community Since 1951!
” Pride in Selfless Service “


Fire Station #26

18395 Gulf Blvd., Suite 101
Indian Shores, FL  33785

Serving: Indian Shores


Fire Station #27

304 First Street
Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Serving: Belleair Beach, Belleair Shores, Indian Rocks Beach


Fire Station #28

13501 94th Avenue
Seminole, FL

Serving: Unincorporated Oakhurst


Pinellas Suncoast Fire Engine responding to a call.

Fire Fighting

When medical assistance is needed, PSFRD responds.

Advanced Life Support

PSFRD members meeting and educating members of our community

Community Training

Bayflight helicopter arriving to aid PSFRD.

Medical Evacuations

In an Emergency you should Dial 9-1-1

Call 911

  • To Report A Fire
  • To Report An Accident
  • For Serious Medical Problems
  • When Life or Property is Endangered

Do Not Call 911 For Non-Emergency Situations

  • For Routine Fire Business
  • For Weather Information
  • For Directions
  • For Directory Assistance
  • Non-Emergency Utility Problems
  • Time of Day

9-1-1 is the fastest, most reliable way to get help in an emergency.  When seconds count… when they literally make the difference between life and death, this easy to remember 3 digit number provides immediate access to emergency personnel.  As soon as the operator determines what is happening and where – help is on the way, even if we continue to ask further questions.

However, when people abuse 9-1-1, or tie up phone lines with non-emergency calls, someone who really needs help may not be able to get through. Don’t put lives in danger.  Know when to “Make the Right Call.”

9-1-1 is for Real Emergency Situations

when a response from police, fire or medical personnel is needed immediately.

Beach Safety


Our Mission

Fire Jackets and Helmets

The public purpose of PINELLAS SUNCOAST FIRE & RESCUE is to provide quality emergency services to all residents under our protection, as well as visitors or travelers, who may encounter natural or man-made disasters, and emergencies; such as medical, fire, vehicle, hazardous materials, boats and water. We strive to reduce injuries, loss of life, property and environmental damage through education, training, skills, technology, building codes, enforcement, and people.

P.R.I.D.E. is the road map to our future…

Perform at peak efficiency at all times.
Reduce the costs in all areas if possible.
Increase public education using all personnel.
Drowning prevention program initiated and enforced.
Exchange personnel with like skills to increase education and change.

Commitment – Service – Honor

Pinellas Suncost's 9/11 Memorial

“In Honor of the Fallen”

The much anticipated dedication of Pinellas Suncoast Fire & Rescue District’s (PSFRD) 9/11 Memorial took place on September 11, 2015. The program began at 9:30 a.m. in front of Station 27 at 304 1st Street, Indian Rocks Beach. In honor of the victims of the collapse of the twin towers, District Chief Dennis Furnell took part in a fire service tradition that dates back to the mid-1800s. Long before radios, pagers or fire alarms, daily announcements were sent from headquarters to firehouses by a system of bell commands and telegraph. When a firefighter died in the line of duty, headquarters would transmit five bell strikes, repeated in four series. This custom has continued through the years to this day. It is a form of rendering final honors to departed comrades. In the fire service this is known as “striking the four fives.”

The dedication featured comments from local dignitaries with former Chaplain of PSFRD, Retired Fr. Robert Wagenseil as the guest speaker. At 10:30 a.m., a “Flight of Souls” took place with Lt. Llanes of the United States Coast Guard circling over the dedication in a helicopter which flew out of the Coast Guard Air Station in Clearwater. The Memorial includes symbols representing the Pentagon, Shanksville, Pennsylvania, firefighters, and World Trade Center victims. “There will be no inscriptions on the monument itself as the symbolism will speak to the individuals who view it,” stated Marshall Eiss, co-chairman of the project. The Benediction was given by the Chaplain of PSFRD, Reverend Fr. Jon Roberts of the Calvary Episcopal Church.

PSFRD Fire Inspector Robert Hill designed and has acted as the general contractor for the Memorial. He also was in charge of the donation program which provided the funding for the project. The Memorial was completely constructed with donations from the public and no money from the Fire District was used.

May We Never Forget

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